First Day of School

There is nothing quite like ringing in a new year at the Ron Clark Academy. The students were filled with excitement and energy as they arrived to the Academy for what was expected to be the most electrifying welcome back celebration in RCA history. Anticipation mounted as the students were escorted by their RCA family down the red carpet into Club de RCA. Students were captivated by a "new year" celebration complete with 2,400 balloons, an electric blue dragon, and a killer DJ. Following their arrival, they spent the morning dancing on the trampoline turned platform and celebrated what is sure to be their best year yet.

Once all of the students arrived, the ceremonial celebration kicked off. Each year, the 5th grade students are filled with strong emotion as they prepare to spin the wheel to see which house destiny has in store for their RCA career. This year was no different. The energy in the room was contagious as students gave the wheel a spin of a lifetime, raced up the stairs, and slid down the slide to unveil their fate. Passion was at an all time high as each of the four houses welcomed their newest house members who will carry out their house legacy and traditions for years to come. One thing was extremely evident on this day...this year's celebration was nothing short of magical.