Dance challenge video causes media frenzy

What happens when a teacher and his students create a video doing a popular dance?

It goes viral. 

Mr. Clark accepted the Do It Like Me challenge from his students, which was to create a short video doing a dance routine to the song by Chicago rapper DLow. Along with several students, Mr. Clark created a video performing the dance craze and posted it to Facebook. By the next day, the video had been viewed, liked and shared a gazillion times, causing a local and national media frenzy.

Media coverage included CBS Evening News, MSN, CNN, Time Magazine, People Magazine, the Huffington Post, Inside Edition, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Yahoo, Elle Magazine, and Complex Magazine. DLow also made a surprise visit to the Academy, during which he danced with the students, as well as ate lunch with them.

Students in the original video include 8th-grader MacKenzy Jordan and 7th-graders Zau Haskins, Assata Eaton, Alec Myrick, Mason Calhoun, Jaydon Linsey, and Kyra Rogers.

VIDEO: See Clark and the students dance here.